About us

This Christian Assembly has been for a number of years a centre of evangelism and Bible teaching in the Arbroath area, Scotland. Our principles and practices are those taught in the New Testament of the Bible. Our services are simple yet reverent. The Faith taught is founded entirely upon the Bible which we believe is completely inspired of God.

Our beliefs

We believe the Holy Bible (the Scriptures) to be divinely inspired Word of God, written by men under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today comprises every "born again" Christian who claims Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour on the basis of true repentance and faith.

Our History

When Arbroath Town Council decided that a new road should go through the town, there were many building casualties, both direct and indirect.

The Gospel Hall in Park Street was one of the indirect ones. A local factory was being demolished to make way for the road, and the site they needed included the Gospel Hall.

A New Life

Life is full of experiences; some pleasant and some unpleasant. Some we forget about, and some we can never forget.

An experience which I had a number of years ago, is one that I can never forget, because it changed my life.


Times of Services

SGH Frontage

10:30am Breaking of Bread
12:00 noon Family Service 
6:00pm Bible Teaching

7:30pm Bible-Study & Prayer